Terms and conditions of sale

This website http://dress-desirée.com (the "Website") is published by the company Dress-desired, whose head office is located 41 B rue des Ponts de Cé 49000 Angers, registered in the Register of Commerce under the number 847 808 698, whose intra-community VAT number is FR67847808698, (hereafter "Dress-desired").

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The current terms and conditions of sales are intended to define the terms of sale between DressD and the Customer, from ordering, to services, payment and delivery. They regulate all the steps necessary to place the order and follow up on this order between the parties contracting the site www.dress-désirée.com

These terms and conditions of sale are the only ones applicable and replace any other conditions, except prior, express and written derogation.

DressDésirée reserves the possibility to adapt or modify, at any time, these General Terms of Sale.

Any changes to these terms and conditions of sale are enforceable as of their release.

Article 1 / Products

The products governed by these General Terms are those listed on the Website (the "Products"). They are offered within the limit of availablestocks.

DressDired does not guarantee the availability of products at any time. All products are guaranteed new. It also reserves the right to stop the sale of any product at any time.

Article 2 / Price

Prices of products and items on the site are shown in Euros excluding VAT. Dress-desired does not recover VAT, which is therefore very interesting at the price level for the customer. The prices listed on the Site are only valid for sales made on the Site.

They are guaranteed subject to typography error or overt printing.

These prices are defined as excluding lump sum participation in the shipping costs in effect on the day of the order, charged extra and indicated before the order is validated.

DressDésirée reserves the right to change prices at any time but undertakes to apply the prices in force at the time of validation of the order by the Customer.

If one or more taxes are created or amended upwards and downwards, this change may be passed on to the selling prices of the products and sales documents.

Article 3 / Order

The order can only be registered on the site if the user has clearly identified himself by his customer code (his personal email address) and his password which are strictly personal to him.

Automatic registration systems are considered to be worth proof, the nature, content and date of the order. DressDésirée confirms the acceptance of its order to the customer, at the email address that the customer will have communicated. The sale will not be concluded until the order is confirmed after the payment has been validated.

DressDésirée reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over the payment of a previous order.

In some cases, such as incorrect address, default or any other problem related to the order, DressDésirée, reserves the right to block the order, until the problem is resolved.

The information stated by the buyer, when taking the order, commits the buyer: in case of error in the wording of the contact details of the recipient, DressDésiré cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of delivering the product.

Exceptionally, a product may no longer be available. DressDésiré informs you as soon as possible and refunds the item not available.

Once the order has been placed, you will receive emails, confirmation with the invoice of or items, your accepted payment and confirmation of your order's shipment, to the email address you have previously provided to us. If for some reason, DressDésirée has not been able to process your order, you will be informed.

Article 4 / Payment and security of transactions

The order of the products on the Site is payable in euros. The full payment must be made on the day of the order by the Customer, by credit card or by system PayPal

In the event of a credit card payment, the customer will indicate the numbers, expiry date and cryptogram on the back of their card (3 last digits).

The customer will receive an identification code on his phone that will serve as proof that the person is aware of his purchase.

The customer's communication of his credit card number is worth permission for DressDto debit his account of the amount of his order.

The site has also set up PayPal payment that allows account holders to make their purchases through this.

These solutions protect the information customers share with DressD and ensure compliance and security of every transaction.

Purchases are made in a secure manner. The payment solutions chosen by DressD are 100% secure.

For credit card payments (blue card, blue card visa and e-blue card), the Savings Bank is responsible for securing payments.

And for PayPal, a provider specializing in online payment security, this system guarantees the customer the complete confidentiality of his banking information.

The credit card banking transaction between the Customer and the secure system is therefore fully encrypted and protected. This means that the information related to the order and the credit card number do not circulate on the internet.

The Customer's bank details are not stored computer-allyed by the company.

The Customer assures DressDésirée that he has the necessary permissions to use the payment method, when the order is placed.

Article 5 / Shipping and Delivery

The products offered on the site are delivered internationally.

The customer is informed by email, when his Order is ready and his shipment.

The product (s) ordered is (are) delivered to the address indicated by the Customer at the time of his order or at a relay point.

Several delivery methods are proposed, their cost is well indicated during the payment process.

All products are shipped by the Post Office department as well as Mondial Relay. The Post Office service offers you the possibility to pick up the products ordered at your post office near the delivery address in case of absence when presenting the postman. You will be informed if this happens by email or in writing in your mailbox.

The Customer must ensure that the information provided and mentioned in the confirmation email is correct, and that it remains correct until the ordered product or products are fully delivered.

The Customer is therefore committed to informing the site of any change in billing and/or delivery details that may occur between order and delivery, by sending, without delay, an email to the customer service email address.

DressDired will not be held responsible for deliveries not made as a result of incorrect or incomplete addresses.

In this context, all costs incurred for the re-shipment of the order will be entirely borne by the customer.

In case of return of the parcel, the return costs are the responsibility of the customer who will not be able to request a refund of these shipping costs.

Customers will be able to follow the delivery of their Order on the site under "My Account" and then "My Orders."

Article 6 / Return, retraction, refund and exchange

In accordance with Section L. 221-18 of the Consumer Code, the customer has 14 working days from the date of receipt of his order, to retract and return any items that do not suit him and request a refund or exchange without penalty, except for the return fee.

The essential features of the articles are presented on www.dress-désirée.com in each of the articles sheets. The customer is fully informed that the images, photos and colors of the items on sale may not match the actual colors under the effect of the Internet browser and the screen used.

The item must be returned to the new state, in appropriate packaging. To facilitate reimbursement, it is advisable to notify customer service contact@dress-désirée.com. Imust also accompany your article with the return form.

This return form is available on the website in the "Return Policy" section to print and return to the address listed.

In the absence of the return form, DressDésirée will not be able to refund or exchange returned items.

DressDired guarantees the refund or exchange of items provided that all items are returned in the same condition as when you received them. This means that items should not be damaged, stained, washed, deformed, worn, without traces of make-up and that all labels are still intact.

If you decide to return an item, the shipping costs remain your responsibility.

After checking or checking items, DressDésirée refunds or exchanges your order. The item returned with the form and in good condition will be refunded or exchanged within a maximum of 14 working days from the time it is received by DressDésirée.

Regarding exchanges, DressDésiré treats them at best only for the same item in a different size, provided it is still in stock. The return fee is the responsibility of DressDésirée and the parcel is returned by the initial delivery of the purchase.

If the item is no longer available, then the refund will be immediate.

The refund method will be the same as the payment method you used in the initial transaction.

In cases where items have already been worn, stained, incomplete, damaged or worn, DressDésirée will not be able to refund or exchange for the simple reason that these items will not be in a condition to be re-marketed.

Article 7/ Legal guarantees

All Products for sale on the Site benefit from the legal guarantee of compliance (articles L217-1 and according to the Consumer Code) and the warranty against hidden defects (articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code), allowing you to return defective or non-compliant delivered products.

You are informed that the company DressDésirée,headquartered at 8 Boulevard Jacques Millot 49000 Angers, is the guarantor of the products' compliance with the contract under these two legal guarantees.

You have two years from the time the Product is issued to act in accordance with the legal guarantee of compliance.
In this case, you can choose between repairing or replacing the Product, subject to the cost conditions provided by Section L217-9 of the Consumer Code.
For contracts concluded as of March 18, 2016, you are exempt from reporting proof of the product's non-compliance during the 24 months following the issuance of the Product. For previous contracts, the default is presumed for six (6) months.
It is recalled that the legal guarantee of compliance applies regardless of the possible commercial guarantee that may be granted to you by the manufacturer or Dress-desired.
In addition, you may decide to implement the warranty against the hidden defects of the thing sold within the meaning of Article 1641 of the Civil Code. In this case, you can choose between resolving the sale or reducing the sale price in accordance with Article 1644 of the Civil Code.

Article 8/ Anti-fraud control

DressDired controls all orders that have been validated on its website. These controls are designed to protect the site from abusive practices by fraudsters.

As part of theseprocedures, DressDésirée or any person mandated by it, also reserves the right to request from the Customer the necessary documents to carry out the order: proof of residence, a copy of the ID and a copy of the bank card used for the purchase by hiding all the figures except the last 4. These requests will be made by mail with acknowledgement.

The information related to your order is processed and is processed to define a level of analysis of a transaction and to combat credit card fraud.

The occurrence of an unpaid debt on the grounds of fraudulent use of a bank card without the permission of its owner will result in a complaint being filed with the Police.

Article 9/ Personal data

In accordance with the Computer, Files and Freedoms Act of 6 January 1978, as amended, the Client is informed that DressDésiré is collecting and processing his personal data in order to enable him to process and execute his or her Orders placed on the Site.

This mandatory information, of which a failure to respond would block the ordering process on the Site, is as follows:

Name, first name, address, email, cell phone number.

In accordance with the computer, file and freedom law of 6 January 1978, as amended, the Client is informed that certain optional information is also requested in order to enable DressDésiré to process and execute its orders in the best possible way.

The Client has the right to object, access, correct and delete personal data concerning him, as well as a right of objection for legitimate reason, which he can exercise under the conditions provided by law by sending an email to the Company at the address contact@dress-désirée.com, specifying his name, first name, email address.

No customer information will be passed on to third parties, except to The DressDirsired company's providers for the sole purpose of maintaining and hosting the Site, and executing the Orders and within the limits of the information strictly necessary for them.

The User going to the home page or another page of the Site directly from a search engine will be informed: the precise purposes of the cookies used; The ability to object to these cookies and change the settings by clicking on a link in the blindfold; and the fact that the continuation of its navigation is worth agreeing to the deposit of cookies on its terminal.

To ensure the free, informed and unequivocal consent of the Customer visiting the Site, the headband will not disappear until it has continued its navigation.

Unless the Customer is given prior consent, the deposit and reading of cookies will not be made: if the Customer goes to the Site (home page or directly on another page of the Site from a search engine for example) and does not continue its navigation: a simple absence of action cannot be equated with a manifestation of will; or if he clicks on the link in the headband allowing him to set up cookies and, if necessary, refuses to deposit cookies.

Article 10 / Customer Service

For any request for information, clarification or any complaint, the Customer should contact the Company's Customer Service as a priority, in order to enable the Company to try to find a solution to the problem.

DressDésiré Customer Service is available Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. using the following contact information:

Email /contact@dress-desiree.com

Article 11/ Mediation

As a consumer, if you feel that your rights have been violated, you can address your claim to the following email address: contact@dress-désirée.com in order to seek an out-of-court settlement.

Article 12 / Customer Obligations

The Customer undertakes to respect the terms of these CGVs and to use the Site and Products in accordance with DressDésired's instructions.

Customers agree that they only use the Site for personal use, in accordance with these General Terms of Sales. In this regard, the Client agrees to refrain from:

-To use the Site in any illegal way, for any illegal purpose or in any case incompatible with these CGVs.

-To sell, copy, reproduce, rent, lend, distribute, transfer or license all or part of the content on the Site or to decompat, debone, disassemble, modify, display in readable form by the Customer, attempt to discover any source code or use any software that activates or includes any part of the Site.

-To attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site's computer system or to engage in any activities that disrupt, decrease quality or interfere with performance or damage the site's functionality.

-Use the Site for abusive purposes by voluntarily introducing viruses or other malware and attempting to access the Site unauthorizedly.

-To infringe the Company's intellectual property rights and/or to resell or attempt to resell the products to third parties.

-To denigrate the Site and/or the products as well as the Company on social networks and any other means of communication.

If, for any reason, the Company considers that the Customer does not comply with these CGV, DressDésirée may at any time, at its discretion, remove its access to the Site and take all measures including any civil and criminal action against it.

Article 14 / Applicable Law

These Terms will be governed by and interpreted by French laws and you irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.

Article 15/ Bloctel Device

Bloctel is the list of opposition to telephone canvassing that allows consumers to no longer be approached by a professional with whom they have no contractual relationship. Registration is free for consumers, in accordance with the Consumer Act 2014-344 of March 17, 2014. It specifies that a professional, directly or through a third party acting on his behalf, is prohibited from approaching a registered consumer by telephone, with the exception of cases listed by law.

For more information about the Bloctel device and information on the consumer's right to register on the list of objections to telephone canvassing: http://www.bloctel.gouv.fr